LoTuS is a tool for graphic behaviour modelling of software using LTS


  1. About LoTuS

LoTuS is a open-source tool to graphic behaviour modelling of software using LTS. It aim to make the modelling process easier by providing drag-and-drop drawing tools. Making the learning curve tiny, removing the pré-requisite for modeller learn some formal specification language. This path, the use and learn of formal methods becames more accessible.

  1. Dependencies

LoTuS requires JRE 8 with JavaFX 2.0. Check your java version with:

$ java -version

If needed, install the JRE on your system. If you are using OpenJDK, check if you have OpenFX too.

  1. Building

Use the maven to build the project:

$ mvn clean install

The distributable application will be generated at subdir target/jfx/

  1. More Information

More information can be found at the lotus web site: http://jeri.larces.uece.br/lotus