LoTuS is a tool for graphic behaviour modelling of software using LTS


  1. About LoTuS

LoTuS is a open-source tool to graphic behaviour modelling of software using LTS. It aim to make the modelling process easier by providing drag-and-drop drawing tools. Making the learning curve tiny, removing the pré-requisite for modeller learn some formal specification language. This path, the use and learn of formal methods becames more accessible.

  1. Dependencies

LoTuS requires JRE 8. Check your java version with:

java -version

If needed, install the JRE on your system: Install JRE 8

  1. Running

Linux in normal: $ ./lotus Linux in debug: $ ./lotus –debug

  1. Directories

  • examples contains sample files
  • extensions thirty-part plugins, plugins shoul be placed here
  • lib contains all code needed to run LoTuS
  1. Web Site

More information can be found at http://jeri.larces.uece.br/lotus